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What brings tens of thousands of people to the Australian continent? It is many things ... work, study, business, marriage, quality of life, general opportunities, sense of adventure and more. How can you make the move to the great land down under? You need a visa to arrive at Australia's door. Government's love their red tape and Australia is no different. The visa process starts by completing a lot of paperwork and providing a lot of personal documents. It's important to get this step right as incorrect forms or documents can mean that the visa application is refused and you do not get your application fee back from the Department! Once the application is lodged the processing time begins with the Department. During this process, the Department scrutinies your information to verify the content and to assess whether the relevant regulations have been met. There may also be a physical interview and further requests for more information by the Department. All being well, the Department will grant the visa or provide feedback as to why the visa was refused (this could be due to insufficient information or documentation etc).

A visa refusal does not mean that it is end of the road. It can mean that you need to start the process over again (and pay the application fee again) making sure that your application is stronger. To avoid making even the slightest mistake or to make sure you are applying for the right visa for you it makes sense to engage a specialist migration service like Solely Migration. It will make the process hassle-free and stress-free for you.

We have the exposure, the knowledge, capability and awareness of the latest in Australian Migration Laws. Over and above that, we are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and are members of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). We help students, employers, employees, visitors and spouses lodge decision ready applications for their visa requirements.

Here is the service Solely Migration offers in a nutshell

  • We comply with the Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents - a copy of the code can be found here.
  • Our fees are charged at a fixed rate so you know how much your basic visa application will cost you
  • When you seek our advice and services, we assess your eligibility criteria to apply for an Australian visa
  • We verify your individual circumstances and offer advice about the visa category you can apply for
  • We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns at every stage
  • We obtain the exact information required from you and complete the visa application on your behalf
  • We provide easy document checklists to help you provide all your relevant documents and evidence
  • We can arrange to have your documents translated into English by certified NAATI translators
  • We take charge of every step and guide you all the way
  • We can also assist you to complete skills assessment
  • Once the application is decision ready - we submit it to the Department on your behalf and monitor its progress until a decision is received
  • If the Department makes a request for further information prior to their decision we work with you to provide the relevant assistance
  • We keep our clients informed about any developments with the visa status or legislation changes that may affect the application in future

Additionally we also

  • Offer migration service strategies to fit into your budget and timeline
  • Carry out a review and consult on a future course of plan in the event of a visa rejection or refusal
  • Help you comply with all visa obligations and sponsorship conditions

And last but very important to keep in mind

Services At Solely Migration we follow all the required procedures when it comes to the visa application, documentation and submission. However please keep in mind, no migration agent can guarantee that a visa will be approved or that we can influence the outcome or expedite visa application processing . We submit all documents based on the applicant's statements and documents. This applicant is wholly and solely responsible for the accuracy, veracity and exactness of their application. In the event any false documentation is submitted or claims have been made that are untrue and inaccurate will result in the visa being rejected and the applicant banned from making a further application for a specified time period.

If you would like a free consult or if you have questions about the migration and visa services we offer, call us anytime on 0448 000 764, or email us at solelymigration@mail.com.