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Australia is a multicultural and friendly place and people from all around the world choose to make Australia their home permanently or temporarily. There are many reasons to come to Australia, you can come here to study, or work, operate businesses, or just choose to experience the Australian way of life. However everyone must obtain a valid visa and this can involve quite a process in order to get the right visa to reside, study, or work here.

Depending on the type of visa wanted, the regulations and legalities involved can mean that the paperwork can range from simple to complex. The time it takes to lodge a visa and receive a response from the Department of Immigration and Border Patrol also varies. The process can be difficult, unsure and at times frustrating... yes it can even be quite stressful too! There are legal ramifications and all types of documentary evidence and personal information required. However, everyone has to go through this process in order to get a valid Australian visa.

To help you out in this process is Solely Migration, owned and operated by Jaci Soles with an online presence so as to assist you wherever you are in the world, they are simply just an email or phone call away!

One of our primary business ideologies is that we cater to everyone who is seeking migration assistance to help them come to Australia. This means you!

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Jaci Soles wanted to provide an individualised and boutique style migration service to help people find their perfect visa and so Solely Migration began in 2015. Our migration agency offers expert migration services support to people, businesses, students' and visitors' who are seeking valid Australian visas.

Jaci Soles is herself a solicitor with more than 12 years of legal experience including over 2 years as a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1570889) focusing on migration law and regulations. She is well-versed in migration laws, practices and has a complete knowhow of the current migration rules and regulations. This is of great assistance to anyone who needs immigration advice or help.

You could be a business owner looking to employ a skilled worker from overseas, a spouse who is seeking to bring your partner to share a life together, a family member wanting to reunite with other family members or parents, or a student wishing to study in Australia.

For all this and more, Jaci can help you by analysing your migration requirements, weighing-up options, assessing the nature of visa applications and working with you towards completing and submitting a completely tailored application.

To know more about the different types of visas, options, time taken and any other migration assistance, reach out to Solely Migration at solelymigration@mail.com or call us on 0448000764.

Solely Migration is owned and operated by Jaci Soles, a solicitor and registered migration agent (MARN 1570889). How are we different? Our services are in-tune with your budget, availability, time and customer satisfaction. Putting together a 'decision ready' application is one of our main priorities.

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